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Celebrating 18 wonderful years of support for our Deaf community!
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The Deaf Village

The Deaf Village is a Deaf-Led organisation that promotes inclusivity at its core. The Deaf Village will establish, develop, maintain, operate and manage a number of services that are inclusive within the local community and the wider boroughs.

Our vision for the North West region is to establish a strong, cohesive and prosperous community where everyone is active, treated fairly and thriving, where people’s faiths and cultures are understood and respected. Our activities will address segregation, reduce social exclusion and continually value and embrace our diversity, enriching all of our lives through community endeavours.

  • The Deaf Village provides access to specialist D/deaf service provisions including:
  •  Our Deaf Hub, which offers an in-reach/out-reach service to the Deaf community
  • The White House, a specialist Deaf provision communal living environment that offers a secure and stable residence for those with complex care needs not otherwise catered for across the usual strands of care provision.
  •  Deaf Village Enterprises led by the Deaf, for our Deaf and hearing community

Our unique support package model

Our Deaf Hub offers a unique support package for our Deaf Clients.

Each client that is referred or comes to us for support is matched with a native Deaf Wellbeing Officer, who offers a full communication support package, they also act as a role model for the Deaf client to enable them support and access to goods, services, education, training and employment.

We are beyond proud to announce our CEO as the winner of the Stelios Awards for Disabled Entrepreneurs 2024!

Debra attended a ceremony in central London today, hosted by the Stelios Philanthropic Foundation and Sir Stelios, founder of easyJet!
The award comes with £40,000 worth of funding, that will go towards the restoration and rebuild of the 18th century ruins that lie within our Deaf village. This will provide a state-of-the-art facility for the town including a post-16 education centre, for Deaf individuals.
Thank you Debra for your continued dedication and commitment towards a more inclusive society for our Deaf community

Our Deaf Hub

Our approach is simple and it’s at the heart of everything we do. It’s all about you!

We’ll work alongside you to help you decide what support you want when you want it, and what you want to change and achieve, so you can reach your goals, and live every single day the way you want to.

Here is Nick Cash, the Deaf Village Manager to explain a little bit about our wonderful deaf hub and why it is so important for our community.

Our White House

The White House is a historic 17th Century cottage, in the beautiful woodland valley on the cusp of Pleasington. A peaceful, beautiful place of safety and comfort and endless possibility.

The White House offers a secure, stable, communal living environment for residents with complex care needs not otherwise catered for across the usual strands of care provision. 

Spotlight on Shamsul

Meet Shamsul – We asked him to tell us his story about his time at Our Deaf Hub.

What past clients, service users and visitors have said about us